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In our Aberdeen branch we stock a full range of specialist Dancewear & Shoes. There is also a limited supply of dance shoes in our branches at Peterhead, Fraserburgh and Inverness.

At Andrew Begg Dance we try to offer the best combination of regulation dancewear, in terms of fit, cut and value for money. Our suppliers include some of the best in the World, e.g.. Freed, Bloch, Gamba, Capezio, Katz, Hullachan Pro, Arabesque, Dansez, Sansha, So Danca, Roch Valley and many others.

Via e-mail or by telephone, we are more than happy to answer any queries on supply of virtually any type of dancewear (clothing & footwear) readily available in the UK and suitability of them for various forms of dance. As with all subjects one cannot profess to have all the answers to your questions at hand but we will find out and get back to you asap.

With the business approaching everything from a 'fit' point of view, the dancewear is no different, so the dance shoes and garments are usually the best fit we can source in their respective category.

There are certain types of footwear that we will not sell unless fitting is carried out at one of our shops. As an alternative to this we will sell without fitting when a qualified dance teacher agrees to accept responsibility for the fit, e.g.. Pointe shoes. Previous knowledge of styles and sizes are always helpful when deciding on the appropriate style and or size, e.g.. street shoe size, previous make and size of pumps, including width fitting, as many of the shoes we stock are categorized by width fitting.


We have a comprehensive range of the following dancewear ...

Tap Shoes - by Freed, Katz and Bloch. Available in canvass, pvc or leather. With a choice of low heel, Cuban or high heel, budget or high grade. Tap shoes tend to come with a basic toe tap fitted, but with no heel taps. Heel taps can be fitted for a small charge and higher quality taps, e.g.. Capezio Tele-Tone taps can be fitted toe and heel again at extra cost.


Character Shoes - by Freed, Katz, Capezio and So Danca. Available in canvass or leather. With a choice of low heel, Cuban or high heel, budget or high grade.


Jazz Shoes - by Freed, Bloch and Katz. Available with suede split sole or full rubber sole in black or white leather.


Ballet Shoes - by Freed, Bloch and Sansha. Available with suede full or split sole. Leather, canvas or satin upper.


Pointe Shoes - by Gamba, Bloch, Freed, Sansha and Gaynor Minden. We recommend an appointment is made for a Pointe shoe fitting. Here we will offer to fit you with a shoe and alter the shoe if necessary to achieve an optimum fit for a small charge.


Highland Shoes - by Hullachan Pro and Gandolfi ... 3 different grades of pump. We are appointed suppliers and fitters of the now famous Hullachan Pro Highland Pump, and have a good working relationship with the designer and maker, Craig Coussins. Craig has never compromised fit and always works to improve it if possible ... a man after our own heart! Please feel free to browse Craig's pages for more information and developments, click here.

Leotards & Tights - by Arabesque, Freed, Bloch, Dansez, Capezio, So Danca and Wear Moi. These products comply with RAD, Imperial and SDTA regulations for beginners, teachers and professionals alike. They are also suitable for stage work and skating.


Stage Make-up - by Kryolan. These are high quality hypoallergenic products.

Most of the above items are better sold in the shop, e.g.. Pointe shoes, Highland pumps and event Ballet pumps to some extent. As there is a huge choice of width fittings and half sizes available, we can measure your feet and get it right first time!







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