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About ...

Andrew Begg - A North East family business since 1866. Offering exceptional value for money with service second to none. This independent business is still very-much family run by Andrew and Garek. Maintaining traditional family values - yet keeping these values in tune with the times - sourcing top quality footwear World wide.
Independence ...
Today's lifestyle has dictated change in what we wear and in what we expect from our footwear - our ranges try to reflect this. Style, Comfort & Fit all remain the key to comfortable feet, but Andrew Begg add further benefits to these important factors by providing fully trained staff to assist you and identify your individual needs. Our independence in the market place allows us to source top quality footwear from anywhere in the World. Put all these together and it becomes clear how we can offer you exceptional value for money and a first class service.
Steeped in History ...

The business, Andrew Begg, has been handed down from father to son for five generations and is currently being run by the great, great grandsons of Alexander Begg. Learn how, in 1866 Alexander Begg decided to start a business of his own in the small rural village of New Pitsligo, North East Scotland. Click below to find out more.

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